Revolutionary Inclusivity Realized

Revolutionary Inclusivity Realized

Today, we’re the world’s most inclusive fashion brand.
Tomorrow, we want to change that.

We set out to change everything - create unprecedented access, make size irrelevant, represent all of US, as we are - and establish a new normal for future generations.

There’s nothing more important to US than making sure all women are included and seen, so that while notions of “us” and “them” become extinct, definitions of beauty evolve.

It didn’t happen overnight - real impact rarely does - but we believe the back & forths, the late-night brainstorms, the unwavering stances, and stressful strategy sessions were worth it because there was never another option. It was our intention from the start and our promise to you.

Everything we’ve done so far has led to this, but we’re not done…

Today, we’re committing to create the change we want to see in the world, so that access for all doesn’t end with US.

We will work to empower the industry to embrace inclusion. We will work to build the future with partners who see it like we do. We will be the catalysts that spark the next fashion revolution.


Talk soon.